Bitdefender offers the highest malware detection rate among AV comparison websites and runs fast without affecting system performance. It comes with additional benefits for subscriptions such as machine security and removal of ransomware depending on the plan you select.

Its antivirus suite combines machine-learning with traditional signature-based scanning to give some of the highest detection rates in its class. It additionally consists of a fantastic web security collection, a speedy VPN as well as complete tune-up tools for programs, a secure browser as well as a many useful privacy safeguards to ensure your data is secure. In my testing the anti-spam filter of Bitdefender flagged less than 1% of legitimate emails and its ransomware protection was equally robust.

A vulnerability scan is a further feature that makes Bitdefender Threat Scanner stand out from its competitors. It looks for weak passwords as well as outdated drives, software and Windows vulnerabilities that could be exploited. This feature can be scheduled or run manually and takes around 5 minutes. This is a huge improvement over competitors that can take as long as an hour to complete the same task.

When you encounter issues the customer support of Bitdefender is available through live chat or phone and has always been among the fastest in the business. The community forum is also a source of numerous resources to help you solve issues yourself, and the company’s knowledge base has a vast list of helpful articles.

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