Planning and execution are essential to a successful meeting of the board. Keeping the board on track for an efficient and effective discussion, while limiting the time spent on non-board topics, is crucial. It may seem like an overwhelming task but with a bit of preparation and follow-up, you will be able to organize the perfect board meeting for your company.

Start promptly It will set the tone and show that you respect the other board members’ time. Particularly when you are starting a virtual conference, it’s crucial to start on time and adhere to your schedule. This also helps ensure that you have enough attendees to reach quorum, which is the minimum number of attendees required for business to be conducted during the meeting.

The meeting should begin with an order of the meeting calling to order can help make sure that everyone is on the same page and is ready to begin the meeting. Typically, this is performed by the secretary of the board. It includes calling the names of each board member to determine who is present. This determines if there is a quorum present and if the meeting will continue according to the plan.

Present a state of the union: This is an excellent way to start the meeting and frame the future discussions. The CEO or C-level executives can briefly describe the current state of your company and any new challenges or opportunities for growth that have emerged since the last board meeting.

Time for new topics It’s a good idea to take a few minutes off at the end of the agenda for any ad-hoc or new topics that pop up during the meeting. This can be an excellent way to ensure that all important issues receive the attention they need decision making tools to help increase productivity and that all relevant details are included in the minutes of board meetings.

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