Minutes are a concise and brief summary of the major points discussed and the conclusions made at the meeting. They help everyone stay on the same page www.customboardroom.com/how-often-and-for-how-long-should-our-board-meet/ and provide valuable information that can be used in long-term planning as well for accountability purposes.

The results of any vote are recorded. This is important because it will show how many people voted in favor of or against, or even abstained. This also provides legal defense for attendees should any decisions made during the meeting later result in lawsuits.

In general, the responsibility for taking minutes during a conference is assigned to an individual designated as the minute-taker. The person who takes minutes must be impartial and not have any involvement in the agenda of the meeting so that they are able to concentrate on accurately recording the words spoken. This will allow the person who takes minutes to be objective and ensures that all important points are recorded.

You can review them in the future to evaluate progress and accountability. The minutes can be used to determine the amount of time was spent on the various topics and what action items were completed or not. Minutes can be used to assess the effectiveness of any meeting based on number of actions taken.

For an organization to be successful, it’s essential to keep accurate and detailed minutes of meetings. They allow members to be accountable for their actions, and provide a guideline to help them as they execute on their goals.

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